Letters dropped off here guaranteed an answer from Santa

Letters dropped off here guaranteed an answer from Santa

CRYSTAL SPRINGS, Miss. (WLBT) - All over the world, kids are bringing their wish lists to Santa.

“A Barbie, an LOL doll, and for my family to be together,” said Jaycee Dickson, age 8.

“Sunglasses, football, basketball, a pogo stick,” said 10-year-old Walker Cline.

“A Barbie cruise ship and a big LOL doll, puppy,” said Joleigh Dickson, 5.

“A new phone, a bike, some sunglasses, and some tops to go with some jeans,” said Mattie Lowery, who is 12.

And some say since they dropped off their letters at the Wisteria Inn in Crystal Springs, Santa will definitely read them. Even if his elves can’t get all that done, he will also write them back.

Just bring your letter to drop in the box, or you can write it there on paper provided by the Wisteria Inn.

“Tell Santa what you want, tell Santa how things are going, and we have special helpers that get them to Mrs. Claus and Mr. Claus, and you might get a little surprise back,” said Wisteria Inn manager Tiffany Adams.

The Inn has been owned by Dawn and Stacy Gilman, who live out of state, for about a year. Dawn Gilman started this special project last year.

“So Ms. Dawn started making sure that these notes got to Santa and got taken care of,” said Adams. “She was his little helper, his little elf.”

And the kids know what happens after Santa gets their lists.

“Um, he’s going to take them to the North Pole and make them,” said Jaycee.

“Give them to the elves and tell them what to make and all that stuff,” Walker added.

Last year drew about 50 letters from kids to Santa. Wisteria management thinks there could be even more this year. They also said for anyone who wants to sightsee or stay over for the holidays... there is room in the Inn.

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