Families pick out Christmas trees to take their minds off pandemic

Families pick out Christmas trees to take their minds off pandemic

HINDS COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Getting in the holiday spirit usually begins with the tree.

Selecting a live tree is a tradition many are looking forward to during the pandemic to bring them a sense of normalcy.

“We put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving,” said Catie Carlyle Zimmerman The Jackson resident and her family love celebrating Christmas. Each year they add a new family ornament to the tree.

It means even more during the pandemic.

“Trying to keep some sort of tradition since so many we’ve been unable to actually continue with or participate in. It’s very important to us,” said Zimmerman.

Tree farmer Don Kazery Jr. says families are looking forward to holiday traditions like selecting a Christmas tree to help take their minds off the outbreak.

Families return each year to take pictures with their tree. Others want to cut the tree with their children.

“It lifts their spirits this time of year especially in light of what our world has been going through with the pandemic,” said Kazery.

The small business owner has also gone through a lot this year. Recent hurricanes damaged and uprooted nearly 300 trees. Once home he said it is important to regularly water the tree.

“If the water runs dry it will seal the pores of the tree and it will cause your tree to shut down,” said Kazery.

He also recommends not putting your tree near a vent to avoid dehydration and sheltering it from the sun.

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