#JourneyToJourdan: Gulfport woman’s marriage proposal video goes viral

Kayla McKinney and her fiance', James Jourdan, embrace after his surprise marriage proposal....
Kayla McKinney and her fiance', James Jourdan, embrace after his surprise marriage proposal. The video that captured the event has gone viral on YouTube.(Tayla McKinney)
Updated: Nov. 29, 2020 at 9:06 PM CST
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GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) - A surprise marriage proposal involving a Gulfport woman has gone viral, helped by national television exposure. The video is now at more than a half million views.

James Jourdan wanted to make the big moment even bigger. The planning began in January with the video production company, Luke Price Studios.

“She’s very special to me and I can’t just do it, you know, with any old, regular way,” said Jourdan. “I had to be over the top for her because she’s an over-the-top kind of girl.”

On September 12th, Tayla McKinney was enjoying her 25th birthday celebration with family and friends. James told her that he couldn’t make it because he would be out of town. So, he created a heart-felt video in his absence.

“So, at first, watching the video, I was already crying from the beginning,” said McKinney. “Because I just thought he had sent a sweet birthday message because he wouldn’t be there.”

But, she began to get a hint as to what was to come.

“At some point, if you see the video, you will see him answer questions,” said McKinney. “One of them, I believe, was, ‘When did you know you wanted to marry her?’ And, I was like, ‘Oh, what is happening here?’ "

And, after the set up, he arrived on cue for his in-person proposal.

“If you would have seen me behind the scenes, I was so nervous,” said Jourdan. “I really was. But, it actually turned out so much better than I thought it would. I’m so glad it happened that way.”

Earlier this month, the video caught the attention of the television program, “Right This Minute” and now, it has over 550,000 views on YouTube.

“It’s just been gradually building,” said McKinney. “Every day it’s at least 10,000 views more added on to it. It’s truly been amazing. We never expected this to happen.”

And she has this explanation as to the video’s popularity.

“I believe that it’s just a beautiful love story,” said McKinney “And to see it play out on camera the way that it did, I think it’s just touching so many hearts especially for the younger generation. We are 24 and 25. So, you don’t see that a lot.”

The wedding is planned for December 2021. McKinney also gave advice to those who haven’t found their love.

“Remember to have faith, patience and know that the person God has for them, eventually will be revealed.” said McKinney.

To learn more about Tayla and James, you can visit their YouTube channel “Journey to Jourdan!” by clicking this link.

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