Elderly patients in Jackson have new health care center options

Elderly patients in Jackson have new health care center options

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Elderly Medicare residents seeking health care have two new options in Jackson.

One patient searching for a new doctor says the facility is just what she needed. Catherine Brown drove to the new Oak Street Health Center to find its location before her December appointment.

The spot is familiar to her, the old Fred’s building on North State Street.

“I was scrolling down Facebook and I saw this clinic and I said, ‘Well, I’m gonna give them a call,’ because my doctor decided not to take my health care anymore,” said Brown.

Oak Street Health has two locations that opened in November. The other is on Ellis Avenue in Westland Plaza. The facilities specialize in patients over 65 on Medicare or other health plans.

“It’s nice to be located in the epicenter of the city where I think the most help is needed,” said Dr. Chloe Kilman. The Family Medicine and Geriatrics physician practices at the State Street office.

“We don’t just treat the issue at hand but instead we have patients come in. We get their entire history,” said Kilman. “We do a thorough exam. We see if they have any social work needs, any behavioral health needs.”

The clinic also has seen patients with coronavirus.

“If you’re not having any symptoms other than perhaps fever or mild shortness of breath, mild sore throat, we do recommend that you do stay home, but we have had some patients come in that need a little bit more help,” added Dr. Kilman.

Transportation is provided for patients if needed. Brown is relieved to have found the clinic after losing her primary care physician.

“It’s a wonderful thing because this health care situation is all confusing. Mentally and physically,” added Brown.

Oak Street Health has 11 locations in operation.

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