JSU students react to Dr. Thomas Hudson’s promotion to new university president

JSU students react to Dr. Thomas Hudson’s promotion to new university president

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson State University’s newly appointed president studied on the campus as a student and is now at the helm.

Junior Political Science major Makail Green shares the same sentiment of many we spoke with about the efforts of newly named Jackson State University President Dr. Thomas Hudson.

“Really he’s done a good job with trying to keep the campus as safe as possible during the pandemic,” said Green.

Hudson is regarded highly among several students for his work over the past several months.

“It’s a great thing. I think Dr. Hudson has done a lot for the university in a time that he’s been charged,” added Green. “I also think that he stepped in at a crucial point... He’s helped us a lot throughout the semester.”

JSU Freshman Anton Ellis also had the pandemic on his mind when talking about the new leader.

“I think he’ll make a great president for us,” said Ellis. “We haven’t had a lot of coronavirus cases on campus lately so I think he’s done great for the campus.”

Senior Torrie Robinson’s first thoughts were on Hudson’s actions during the outbreak.

“That is really good because he did handle COVID very well,” said Robinson. “It was just an abrupt position that he had to take and I feel like he handled it very well, and he will be a president for Jackson State going forward.”

Other members of the student body were focused on Hudson’s path forward.

“I’m very happy, especially happy for Dr. Hudson,” said junior Derilyn Flanagan II. “I feel like the tiger family is also really happy as well now that we have more stability in the Office of President.”

Senior Johnathan Johnson is hopeful about the new president’s administration.

“I am very confident he will do a wonderful job leading Jackson State University into the future, helping us progress the athletics program here at Jackson State University,” said Johnson. “Also ensuring that all of the students here are getting the best quality education they could possibly receive here at Thee I Love.”

Hudson has held various positions at the university since 2012.

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