State lawmakers weigh in on Joe Biden being declared president

President-Elect Joe Biden set to become nation’s 46th president.
Updated: Nov. 8, 2020 at 11:27 PM CST
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - It’s the big news almost everyone is talking about.

Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the presidential election.

When District 69 State representative Alyce Clarke found out president-elect Joe Biden was projected to be the next Commander in Chief, she said it was an answer to her prayers.

“A number of us had been praying for years asking God with this presidential election to let his will be done, and to me that is God’s will that that is who he wanted," said Clarke

However, for District 42 Senator Chris McDaniel, the announcement was disappointing.

“It’s hard to be a conservative and be happy about President Biden," said McDaniel.

The senator said he stands with President Donald Trump, and wants to see an investigation launched to look into the way the ballots were handled before he accepts the outcome.

“Justice demands that the investigation goes forward,” McDaniel expressed. "We have processes in this country, those processes have to be followed, and if the processes are followed and fraud is found, then Donald Trump should naturally receive some relief. If the processes are followed and fraud is not followed, then naturally we’ll yield to the results.”

Meanwhile, Clarke has accepted the results of this historic presidential election.

See, Clarke was the first African-American female to serve in the Mississippi legislature, and said she’s happy to see history set to be made in the White House with Kamala Harris.

“By being a woman and being there, there are things that women think of that men wouldn’t think of that’s related to things that would help make life better for women,” said Clarke.

Clarke believes a Biden-Harris presidency is what the country needs for it to start healing and coming together as one, but McDaniel said he doesn’t see it that way.

“The reason I say we need that (Biden-Harris presidency) is because it’s so good to see blacks and whites working together, it’s good to see males and females working together to make this place better for all of us,” Clarke described.

“We move forward, but he (Biden) should understand that we move forward in opposition,” said McDaniel. "It’s one thing to accept the result if no fraud is found, it’s quite another to rubber stamp liberal polices, and that’s not going to happen.”

President Donald Trump has yet to concede to Joe Biden.

In fact he’s threatening further legal action on ballot counting.

As of now, Biden’s inauguration is expected to take place January 20th, 2021.

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