Man shot by officers after stealing police cruiser, burglarizing south Jackson business

Murder suspect allegedly steals a police car while attempting to burglarize a south Jackson business

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A murder suspect allegedly steals a police car while attempting to burglarize a south Jackson business and ends up in an officer-involved shooting over the weekend.

JPD identifies the suspect as John Peterson. He is charged with two counts of business burglary, two counts of auto theft, felony fleeing, and leaving the scene of an accident. Peterson is accused of breaking into a store, not once, but twice before the shooting.

Store Manager Gary McGloster points out the damage caused by two break-ins at Auto One Service Center. He claims John Peterson stole a car and paperwork the first time he broke in,  but the second he wasn’t so lucky.

“The police came out and said everything is fine, but my brother came on anyway even though we got a call stating that everything was fine. When he got here, he saw a light on the inside, and he said the guy still in a building and called 911 and they came back out,” said McGloster.

Jackson Police say they found the man inside the business. They arrested him and placed him in the back of a police car. Police say the suspect managed to move his handcuffs from behind to in front of him. He then stole a police vehicle, later crashing in a nearby neighborhood.

“He comes around and heads that and that is when the police shot, so he went down there and crashed.”

Police confirm Peterson was shot during the incident, but his injuries were non-life-threatening.

“The City of Jackson is going to have to respond a lot quicker because the guy had a lot of time to float around in here. A lot of time. They have learned the routine, so the police are going to have to get out their same routine of pulling up and leaving,” said McGloster.

The suspect is no stranger to crime JPD says Peterson was also wanted with two active felony warrants for murder and aggravated assault, related to a deadly shooting on Woodside Drive in October.

“I am glad to have him off the streets. He ain’t scared of the police to steal a police car. When you are dealing with people like that you don’t want to walk in on them.”

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