When it comes to national polls, Gov. Reeves advises to not be ‘overly optimistic’ or ‘dejected’

When it comes to national polls, Gov. Reeves advises to not be ‘overly optimistic’ or ‘dejected’
People line up at an early voting location near Lincoln Center Monday, Oct. 26, 2020, in New York. Early voting ahead of the Nov. 3 general election continued for the second day in New York state. (Source: Frank Franklin II)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Gov. Tate Reeves is advising his followers to not be “overly optimistic” or “dejected” when it comes to the national election polls.

These national polls have consistently shown President Trump trailing Joe Biden. A Fox News poll recently found President Trump behind the former vice-president by 8 points. An NBC poll showed Biden holding a 10 point lead over Trump.

Monday, Reeves tweeted that he does believe in polling, “when done right," but encourages everyone "to zoom out and look at the bigger picture!” when it comes to those who are focused on national polling.

He then alleged that whoever funds and runs each poll has “built-in assumptions” and ways to “manipulate the data.”

“In every one of my campaigns, we have had three clear beliefs on polling,” the governor revealed. The first belief, according to Reeves, was to never pay for a poll you do not believe. The second was to never believe a poll you do not pay for. And, lastly, “The only poll that ultimately matters is the one taken on Election Day.”

This then lead Reeves to say, “Don’t be overly optimistic or dejected based on polling! Just get out and vote for what you believe in!”

He said that voting is “your right as an American” and that “no narrative should persuade you to believe it doesn’t matter.”

As of November 2, FiveThirtyEight gives Joe Biden an 89 in 100 chance of becoming the next president. But as the website’s founder, Nate Silver, writes: “Trump can still win.”

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