Surveillance video of officer-involved shooting leads to reopening of case dropped in 2018

New evidence reopens 2017 officer-involved shooting case

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson Mayor Chokwe Antar Lumumba announced an officer-involved shooting case from 2017 has been reopened.

Lumumba pointed to new evidence that sheds a different light on the case.

That evidence is surveillance footage that shows the officer chasing a man and opening fire while both are running. WLBT obtained this footage, seen below, from Attorney Carlos Moore.

New surveillance footage shows officer-involved shooting from 2017

At a press conference Thursday, District Attorney Jody Owens said officers chased someone matching a suspect in an assault case. Devon Modacure was shot in the back three times by the two officers.

The shooting happened on Lampton Avenue in October 2017. The officers were placed on paid leave while the case was being investigated.

The shooting was deemed to be justified and was dropped in April 2018.

The two officers involved are no longer with Jackson Police Department. Lumumba did not specify the reason each officer left, but said it was not related to the case.

The newly-revealed surveillance footage was deemed significant enough for the case to be reopened. Lumumba says Owens has been given the case to look over again with the new evidence.

Lumumba says the case predates the procedure where officers are named in all officer-involved shootings, a policy implemented during his administration.

Therefore, their names have not been released.

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