COVID-19 documentary adds Jackson to their series

Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 11:07 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - WLBT’S news camera was not the only one in the Bravo Italian Restaurant dining room, Tuesday night.

Two documentary producers and their crew stopped in Jackson to film a portion of their coming project, “Covid America -The Series.”

Producer Monty Hobbs described the show; “the goal is resilience. When we first started in New York, we were finding the same message of hope. We thought that we would find anger and stuff. But America is America and we’re seeing through times of desperation that no matter what we are American".

As they sought out characters for the series, restaurant owner Jeff Good was recommended to participate by several people in the community.

“Well I got contacted yesterday you got contacted by their ground producer and she had reached out to me six different ways," said Good.

Having closed and reopened his restaurants while losing and rehiring staff in the past few months, Good said the pandemic has been eye-opening.

“Individuals want to belong. They want to do and they want to perform. There’s no replacement for the the feeling of success of work. I think the second thing I’ve learned is that the sun really will come up tomorrow," said Good.

Producer Mitchell Maxwell said this theme of resilience is what the series plans to share.

“We all have felt that America has been tarnished, its image has been damaged. Or its backbone, its spine has been curved if you will, but I am personally surprised at the command that people have about their future when it’s so uncertain," said Maxwell.

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