Friday Night & Weekend Weather Forecast

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Beautiful weather will continue for this weekend. After reaching 70 degrees today, but the skin of our teeth, we can expect slightly warmer weather during the days this weekend. However, with light winds tonight and clear skies, temperatures will fall into the lower 40s by morning. This will mark the coldest weather, so far this Fall season. Saturday will reach the 70s with sunshine and Sunday will crack into the 80s. In fact, next week will be partly sunny with temperatures reaching the 80s during the days. A few showers are possible later in the week, as the humidity rises. All in all, expect decent weather for this time of year. Average high is 77 and the average low is 53. Northeast wind at 5mph tonight and southeast at 10mph Saturday. Sunrise is 7:06am and the sunset is 6:25pm. In the tropics, there is a system way out in the Atlantic that has a 60 percent chance for developing, but it is positioned an in area that it will not pose a threat to us. Hurricane season ends November 30th.

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