Man steals cattle trailers, runs from cops

The chase began in Florence and ended on Robinson Road in Jackson.

Man steals cattle trailer, runs from cops

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Authorities say a man stopped his truck and cattle trailer at Wilson’s Meathouse in Crystal Springs on Friday morning. Three cows were in the trailer.

But when he went back outside, the whole rig was gone. Area police say the driver made it to Florence before he was spotted.

“Around 11 o’clock a Rankin County deputy saw a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed, [as he was] running traffic control devices in a subdivision, I believe it was Eaglewood subdivision,” said Paul Holley, Attorney for the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office.

Law enforcement attempted to pull the suspect over, but the suspect gave chase, leading officers on a pursuit up U.S. Highway 49 and later into the capital city.

“Other agencies joined in the pursuit as the driver continued on Highway 49,” a release from the sheriff’s department states.

Along the way, the suspect t-boned an elderly couple in Richland, sending them to the hospital, and wrecked at least two other vehicles, Richland Police public information officer Allison Clark said.

The extent of the couple’s injuries is unknown at this time.

Shortly after that, deputies say the suspect collided with a police car head-on, then turned around and took I-20 to Jackson. While Pearl and Richland continued to pursue past the Gallatin Exit, Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey called off the chase.

“Sheriff Bryan Bailey called off the pursuit, but Richland continued. He had already hit two vehicles in (Richland),” Clark said. “He then hit a vehicle in Jackson, I believe.”

The suspect eventually crashed on Robinson Road at Eastview Street.

Officials say the suspect ran away.

No cows were injured in the chase, Clark said.

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