Homes and businesses damaged during storms in Adams County

Updated: Oct. 10, 2020 at 9:00 PM CDT
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ADAMS COUNTY, Miss. (WLBT) - Hurricane Delta damaged some businesses and homes in Adams County.

In Natchez, a restaurant and lounge were damaged on John R. Junkin Drive.

Delta peeled part of the roof off the building and tore off some of the sidings.

Another business next door is also damaged.

“I was scared. I was afraid. It shocked me so," said Cyrus Mitchell as he recounts the terrifying moments.

A tree fell into his home at the Cedar Hurst Apartments.

“Sitting on my sofa watching TV. The left side of my living room and bedroom. A tree came in. I could look up and see the rain. Reporter: ‘You were not hurt?’ No, I wasn’t hurt at all.”

Mitchell’s neighbors helped get him out of the apartment.

As he waits for management to move him to another building -- he’s staying at the Adams County Safe Room where the Red Cross is providing assistance.

“It was kind of scary, and I heard a big noise. Transformer were blowing and the power went out," said Colin Kemp.

Delta kept Kemp up overnight.

“About midnight, I heard the howling wind and rain. The house creaking and stuff.”

He doesn’t have any damage to his home but a huge tree smashed his neighbor’s house on Maplewood Lane.

“The whole tree was uprooted. I feel sorry for the people but if I can help them in any way I will.”

This family made it out okay.

Kemp and Mitchell got text messages and phone calls from their families making sure they were not hurt.

They’re both grateful they live to see another day.

“It was scary.”

“Just grateful to God that it wasn’t worse than what it was.”

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