Secretary of State outlines safe voting procedures for the 2020 General Election

Secretary of State outlines safe voting procedures for the 2020 General Election

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - If you are apprehensive about voting in the 2020 General Election, the Secretary of State wants to put your mind at ease.

Protective procedures are in place and polling places are gearing up to provide a safe environment for you to cast your ballot.

“The focus is on safety, on cleanliness, making sure Mississippians can go vote on November 3 and feel safe,” said Secretary of State Michael Watson.

The state’s Chief Election Officer offered a hand to Mississippi National Guard members loading PPE and other supplies onto a van at the old Trade Mart Friday.

The boxes of items will be transported by the guard to nine locations to be distributed to voting precincts across the state. Each circuit clerks office will receive the shipments of masks, face shields, gloves and disinfectants.

$4.7 million dollars in CARES funding provided the supplies for a sanitary voting experience. It also includes money for additional pay for poll workers who will be required to wear masks Election Day.

“You’re going to see individuals by the legislature thanks to them for giving us additional poll workers to clean the machines, to clean the door knobs, to clean high touch surfaces, to make sure again Mississippians are safe when they go vote,” said Watson.

“I think it’s being safe,” said Carrie Mangum inside the Hinds County Courthouse. She has been a Hinds County poll worker for 17 years. Friday, Mangum was among those casting their ballots early.

“Just make sure that you wear your mask, keep your sanitizer with you and sanitize your hands every so often and stay your distance from others and don’t be involved in conversations with people you don’t know,” said Mangum.

Circuit clerk offices should receive their supplies by Tuesday. Voters will not be required to wear masks.

“I will wear a mask when I go vote and, again, I think that’s just leading by example,” added Watson. “I think it’s important when I tell my poll workers ‘Hey, I want to you wear a mask’ I shouldn’t then go walk into the polling place without a mask."

The deadline to register to vote is Monday, October 5.

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