Mask mandate lapses, causing some Mississippians to worry

Mask mandate lapses, causing some Mississippians to worry

FLOWOOD, Miss. (WLBT) - “It’s not a good move to not have people wearing masks out here.”

Those are the words of Jennifer Chambers shopping at Target on Lakeland with her son Tyler. She’s not alone in her worry that the lapse of the mask mandate could mean rising coronavirus numbers once more.

Given that masks have been a staple now for months, it might seem that people would be glad to hear that they don’t have to wear their masks everywhere anymore. But some of the people 3 On Your Side talked to had a different perspective.

“I really do feel like we need to be wearing masks right now," Chambers said. "We don’t have a vaccine for the coronavirus.”

Shoppers were taking precautions Wednesday after the mandate ended at 5 p.m. In multiple locations around the Metro area, people were still wearing their masks to go shopping, even though they knew it had lapsed.

“I think, I mean, I think some people will be glad about it, but I think coronavirus is just gonna- that’s just a bigger way of it spreading,” said Ella McDonald, a high school student.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said her friend, Jaden Freeman. “It’s been like, the rate’s like going higher. It’s not a good idea. Not at all.”

Beverly McClure of Flowood said she was disheartened when she heard the news.

“I wanted to just lock myself in, and I think a lot of people are out shopping because of that," she said. "I just pray for everybody and that everybody sees it and knows that we’re going into flu season and there’s going to be a record number of people getting ill and hopefully life will be spared.”

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