Deion Sanders shines spotlight on the Capital City, boosting tourism

Deion Sanders' spotlight on Jackson to boost tourism

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Capital City is getting national attention with Deion Sanders at the helm of Jackson State University’s football program.

Sanders is a shot in the arm for the tourism and business

Iron Horse Grill General Manager Andy Nesenson is looking forward to the opportunities that will come from Deion Sanders' presence in the city.

“Coach Prime when he’s coming here obviously that’s gonna bring more people to the city,” said Nesenson.

The downtown Jackson restaurant opened a new patio just before COVID-19 hit.

Now down to 75 percent capacity, the national attention will bring more traffic to the area.

“It’s gonna bring a lot of interest to Jackson State football to the city. Obviously hotels are gonna be full,” said Nesenson. “It’s gonna bring a lot of people from around the region t at the very least come and check out the first game, the first few home games”.

Visit Jackson reports hotel bookings are on the rise in anticipation of Jackson State’s first home game.

Coach Prime’s notoriety has officials expected crowded restaurants and sold out hotel rooms throughout the city.

A needed economic boost after six months of cancellations and rescheduling during the pandemic.

“We’re expecting with all the home games next season from February to April over $17 million dollars in economic impact and that will show in the restaurants,” said Visit Jackson Communications and Destination Development manager Kim Lewis. “That will show in the hotels, and it will show in the attractions and shopping”.

There will be four home games under Coach Prime.

Tourism officials expect a $1.5 million dollar economic impact from the first home game in February.

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