Dog rescued from Natchez bridge ledge now has new owner and new name

Published: Sep. 25, 2020 at 7:45 PM CDT
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NATCHEZ, Miss. (WLBT) - Bridge inspectors working on the Mississippi River Bridge in Natchez made a startling discovery over the weekend. A dog was found hanging out on a ledge under the span.

It was the eagle eye of a Stantec bridge inspector that spotted the Bluetick hound sitting precariously on a bridge ledge, 120 feet above the Mississippi River on Sunday.

Stantec rescue tech and lead climber Ryan Nataluk said, "We were about 200 - 240 feet above the river. The dog was sitting about 120 feet above the river, and he had a clear view right down on her from the adjacent bridge structure.”

The bridge inspectors sprang into action and climbed down to the dog to see if she was ok.

"I went down there, gave her some water, patted her on her head, just kind of talk calmly to her and the dog was great. She had been there for a while; probably a couple days,” said Nataluk.

Natchez dog rescue new owner
Natchez dog rescue new owner(David Kenney)

After fashioning a harness for the dog, and with the help of a Natchez police officer, they were able to rescue the dog - pulling her up to the bridge deck. The whole thing caught on camera.

Nataluk said, "She was probably cold and everything, but when we brought her up her demeanor changed greatly, she seem certainly happy, she was sniffing around wagging her tail, she definitely was happy.”

The dog now has a new home and owner, Samuel Jackson, who happened to be in the area. He’s named her Bridgette.

After a trip to the vet to get Bridgette checked out they learned she was hiding a secret. Yep. She’s expecting! Bridgette and her litter will now with a new leash on life.

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