'We will find him’: Search continues for missing Stone County grandfather

Johnnie Hall
Johnnie Hall(Mississippi Highway Patrol)
Updated: Sep. 22, 2020 at 9:44 PM CDT
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WIGGINS, Miss. (WLOX) - Johnnie Hall’s family members say they’re used to their grandfather leaving home unexpectedly. But normally, the 94 year old finds his own way back home.

But ever since Saturday morning, Hall has been missin without any clues to where he might have gone.

Stone County deputies and other law enforcement teams are now looking far and wide for Hall, using patrol cars along highways and even a plane above his home.

“Normally, it takes some time for somebody to locate them,” said Capt. Ray Boggs with the Stone County Sheriff’s Department.

Officials are also calling on neighbors for their help in the search.

Boggs said, “Most of the time when we solve crimes or we find people, the public has assisted in spotting them.”

But with some deputies knowing Hall personally, this case hits differently.

“You try everything you can try to find him and every phone call that you get from another agency or from dispatch, you’re hoping that’s the call,” Boggs said.

As the sheriff’s department and other law enforcement agencies continue on with their search, community members say they want to step up to help find Johnnie Hall.

“We go to do something about this. Everybody is like family down here,” Wiggins resident Oya Rhodes said.

People are trying to organize their own search parties to find the missing grandfather.

“It just bothers me. I really couldn’t even sleep last night thinking about it,” Rhodes said.

The Wiggins community says they’re treating one of their own how they would like to be treated.

“I would expect people to be out having search parties, coming to comfort me. Make sure I’m okay," Rhodes said.

In the meantime, hope is still high to find Johnnie Hall.

“There’s some more things that we are going to try and some more places we’re going to go,” said Boggs. "We will find him.”

Hall is believed to be driving a white 2005 Ford F-150 with a specialty Masonic license plate with the tag number D868GL.

If you have any information about where he might be, call the Stone County Sheriff’s Department at 601-928-2800.

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