Political impacts of Justice Ginsburg’s death coming into focus

Political impacts of Justice Ginsburg’s death coming into focus

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -President Donald Trump says he will nominate his pick to replace late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the end of the week. And the topic of replacing her is adding fuel to the fire of an already heated election season.

No doubt you’ve seen the tributes to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg that have poured in since Friday. But Millsaps professor Dr. Nathan Shrader makes this note.

“I’m saddened by how quickly we all, and this is all sides, have quickly moved into combat mode instead of mourning an individual,” said Shrader, chair of Millsaps Department of Government and Politics.

But with an already supercharged election season, the news has accelerated the political discussions. Shrader points out that the topic of federal courts has been a core message of Republican in this election. While, it’s not been a focus of Democratic campaigns. Because of that, he says Democrats seem to be using it as a rally cry.

“The issue of the courts..the federal court and the supreme court, I think that’s the issue that could effect those voters who may lean towards one candidate or party or other that have just not been that enthused so far...this could be the tipping point for them," noted Shrader. "And there’s not that many of them.”

Democratic candidate Mike Espy has seen a surge in volunteers coming forward and a bump to their campaign bank account.

“Since Friday night, we received over $700,000 in donations from Mississippians and across the nation," explained Espy. "And these donations are from 30,000 individual donors.These are people who are now concerned about the future of the Supreme Court.”

Incumbent Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith supporting quick confirmation of the President’s nominee.

“I think it will have an impact in some areas more than others," described Sen. Hyde-Smith. "In Mississippi, I think the people of Mississippi want to see another Supreme Court Justice confirmed. I’ve talked to several individuals. I’ve gotten several calls today saying Cindy, I hope you stand firm and ready to do that.”

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