Illegal dumping practically blocks neighborhood intersection

Illegal dumping blocking streets

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - West Jackson residents reached out to 3 On Your Side with complaints of dumping so extreme that debris prevents cars from passing.

Residents on Bon Air Street want the city to stop the people who boldly drive into their neighborhood and dump furnishings and other trash.

One upset homeowner is demanding action.

“It doesn’t make sense, and we’re paying taxes and living in a jungle,” said Elasie Bonine.

She is fed up with the illegal dumping a block from her Bon Air Street home.

Sofas and wiring, tires and more nearly cover the intersection of Bradley and Long Streets off Capitol Street.

The Jackson homeowner said the debris began accumulating in the last four months.

“A man went down there yesterday evening, moving the stuff out of the street trying to come through,” said Bonine. “Then he backed up and went back the other way”.

Also around the more than 40 year resident are several vacant and burned houses. Bonine and neighbors say they have complained to the city about the illegal dumping and abandoned houses with no results.

“They come out here check this every other day,” said Bonine. “You see the city trucks come through here. They go there pass right on going by”.

City of Jackson Solid Waste Management officials said they will get to the area Tuesday to assess the damage.

Meanwhile there is a similar problem on Capers Avenue off Monument Street, just over a mile away.

In July as it was Monday, the street was impassable from trash and debris.

Nearly two months later the problem appears to have gotten worse.

“They need to do something. What are we paying taxes for,” asked Bonine. “We’re paying taxes and they should be able to do something, and fix these roads”.

Officials plan to look into the Capers Avenue debris next week.

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