Deion Sanders’ move to JSU will be a good thing, Metro residents say

Mississippians excited about Prime Time at JSU

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some people like Ken Wilson feel like it wasn’t that long ago since Deion Sanders was lighting up the professional football fields with his athletic talent and charisma.

“I loved his shoes also. I owned a pair of his shoes, and I watched Deion with the Cowboys and the 49ers. He was just an athlete in general,” said Wilson, the founder and president of “We are Jackson.”

Now he will be lighting up the football field at JSU.

Wilson says Sanders' fan appeal will help bring attention not only to Jackson State, but it will also help bring economic movement to Jackson and the Metro area.

Like Wilson, many don’t just see it as exciting for JSU, but also for the entire state.

“It could be really great. It’s great to have someone with such a big name here in Mississippi and maybe it’ll draw a lot of attention to JSU and I hope they have a great season,” said Stephanie Goss, of Pearl.

Even Alcorn fans are welcoming Prime Time to the rivalry, said Carolyn Dampeer.

“They may need it to try to be up there with us, who knows?” she said.

“Who knows” is a rhetorical question. Carolyn knows.

“Hahahaha… Of course they’re gonna need it! Hahaha…” she said, laughing.

But there’s a people angle to this too, Ken Wilson says – Deion Sanders can make a real difference to the young men he influences.

“What I see in Deion is I also see a mentor to those young men," he said. "I think that’s a significant hire because he’s going to help these young men how to navigate the obstacles of life.”

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