Mayor Lumumba concerned about State Fair, says it puts city in ‘uniquely dangerous position’

Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 1:41 PM CDT
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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Mayor Lumumba has worked with his coronavirus task force to monitor cases of COVID-19 in making decisions on executive orders.

Mayor Lumumba said, “I certainly will extend it. Whether there may be some modification to it is another question, and I have to talk with our city attorney and, you know, just reach out to a few more experts that we depend on in the process.”

With the State Fair set to begin in a little over two weeks, Mayor Lumumba is concerned. “I don’t fully know what our response will be but that I want all of our residents to be concerned and vigilent about is that there appears to be the making of the fair still coming to Jackson. That puts us in a uniquely dangerous position."

He continued, saying, “That means that we’re going to be inviting this hotbed of transmission of the virus right here in the center of our city. And, you know, we likely won’t have corresponding support to deal with that. We know that the fair is an economic opportunity that the state relies on. Quite honestly the city enjoys some revenue from people coming into town and shopping at our local establishments and gas stations and such and staying at hotels but we have to recognize the unique threat."

The mayor says he plans to talk with state leaders. “I want the governor to be aware of that. I will be in contact with him very soon about this matter. But we have to definitely begin with the end in mind on this issue."

Hinds County continues to lead the state in COVID-19 cases with nearly seven thousand. “The numbers are still far higher than we would like for them to be. Jackson’s rate is lower than some other cities in Hinds County honestly, but you know that’s a, it’s a touch and go circumstance each and every day."

Lumumba says dealing with the coronavirus crisis has been one of the most challenging issues during his time in office and it requires focusing on the safety of citizens while also being sensitive and responsive to businesses that need to be open.

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