Brain cancer no match for 7-year-old Aubree Sutton

7 year old gets warm welcome home after beating cancer

FLORENCE, Miss. (WLBT) - Two columns of cheerleaders lined the way to the limousine as a tiny bald girl walked down the middle.

“Way to go, Aubree, way to go!” the cheerleaders chanted.

Their coach had just told them that they could be emotional later, but for the moment they needed to bring all the pep and cheer they had.

They were cheering for Aubree Sutton, 7 years old. Until Saturday, she’d never been in a limo, never been on a horse, but she has very much been fighting for her life against brain cancer.

Kendra Sutton said when she heard her daughter’s diagnosis, it almost felt like the end of the world. But not today, cancer. Aubree is a fighter.

“She beat it. We’re just grateful, we’re thankful, that she beat cancer,” said Sutton.

Aubree didn’t just beat it, she did it in style.

“I was sad because I lost my hair, but my daddy told me that hair don’t make the person, the person makes the hair,” she said, with a wisdom beyond her years.

It was tough, she said, especially the needles. But she learned an important lesson about the needles and the doctors.

“They’re not trying to hurt you. But you gotta be done what’s done so you can get better,” she said.

On top of her own private cheerleader squad, 90 cars and ATVs, two or three police cars, and one horse escorted her on the last leg of her trip home after 8 months at St. Judes.

Family friend Candice Pippens said when she showed up and the parking lot was full of cars, with almost no open , it hit her right in the heart.

“When I pulled on this lot, this was more than I could ever imagine,” she said.

Aubree said she’ll be glad to be home, and that brave little girl already knows what her next big plan is going to be.

“When my Pawpaw puts my pool up, I’m going to invite all my friends to have a pool party with me,” she said.

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