Consider This: Stand Up For Local Victims

Published: Sep. 10, 2020 at 9:58 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - 83 people were killed in Jackson in 2019… a tragic, tragic, number. So far this year, in less than 9 months, 86 people have lost their lives.

If this pace continues, it will be the deadliest year ever in Jackson.

When we share stats, it is easy to dismiss the significance of this crisis. There are 86 families who are grieving. They have lost a son, daughter, mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, or a best friend. They are not just numbers, so stop for a minute, put down your phone, your tablet, or your computer… watch this as we show the names of these people who are no longer here.

It is not going to be easy, but this must stop. Experts say many things contribute to the increased violence: domestic conflict, mental health issues, poverty and blight, gangs, and other societal issues.

It’s obvious what we are doing isn’t working and it will take everyone working together to enact substantial change. Here at WLBT we are not experts in law enforcement or social counseling, or the many other areas of expertise required to reverse this trend.

We can, however, use our mouthpiece to make sure everyone is aware of any initiatives to stop the violence. Through our powerful TV, digital and social media platforms, we can help educate, motivate, and empower Mississippians to do better.

To everyone who wants to take a stand, who has a plan to effect change, you have our commitment be help you spread that message.

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Jackson, all Mississippians are vested in Jackson. This is our Capital City so let us start a movement here and now. The 86 people who have been killed in Jackson deserve nothing less.

Their lives are just as important as anyone else. If you care about Jackson, get up, speak up, take action, and do something to stop the killing.

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