Canton mayor vetoes plans for Flea Market, calls it ‘catastrophic risk’

Canton mayor vetoes plans for October Canton Flea Market

CANTON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Mayor of the City of Canton is saying no to the bi-annual Canton Flea Market.

Mayor William Truly Jr., M.D. vetoed the Board of Alderman’s action to vote to have the flea market that usually happens in October.

He said in a press release that as a practicing physician and as Mayor of the City of Canton he wants his citizens to know that sacrifices must be made. He is asking the Board of Alderman and the citizens to continue to follow CDC recommendations to mitigate the spread of the virus.

“Of the 82 counties in Mississippi, Madison County ranks 5th,” he said, referring to COVID-19 cases. He went on to explain the death rate among ages and races across the state.

“We do not know who’s asymptomatic. We do not know who carries the virus. It’s a catastrophic risk to carry on with this flea market,” Truly said.

He says the science says a large public gathering is the worst thing to do right now and says a flea market would endanger the elderly citizens of Canton. He says his decision was not done for any political reasons, but because of his concern for public health.

“It could be that nothing will happen, but I cant put them at risk.”

He says it’s possible the board may override his veto, but he wants it known that he will not sign off on the idea of having a flea market during the pandemic.

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