Victims of Pearl River flood feel they have been ignored, many still unable to return home

Updated: Sep. 8, 2020 at 7:55 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In February the Pearl River overflowed its banks flooding hundreds of North Jackson homes.

Street after street finds homes vacant.

Homeowners in the area say they have not lost homes and peace of mind.

In February Dr. Betty Johnson was one of the hundreds of north Jackson residents who had to flee when the Pearl River flood waters practically destroyed her Cypress Trail home.

“You can see the water level how it came up on my house,” said Johnson.

The counselor and pastor was able to return in June but says many of her neighbors have not.

“We have been ignored. This neighborhood’s really been left behind the scene,” said the recovering flood victim. “We have so many problems. Some of the people are just now getting back in their homes, but they have not yet settled into that”.

Six houses nearby her sit vacant.

The north Jackson resident said she and other residents were denied federal and state assistance.

“MEMA or FEMA did not offer us any assistance. FEMA said Jackson has not been declared a disaster area. MEMA came through here but without any support,” said the frustrated taxpayer.

Johnson’s insurance paid for repairs but she says the 18 year old policy did not cover most of her items.

She was forced to start over again.

“You can see the homes that are vacant. You can ride around the neighborhood which I did,” Johnson added. “I road around the neighborhood, and I began to look at homes hat have not returned. People have not returned to their homes”.

According to MEMA officials, FEMA did not approve individual assistance for North Jackson residents.

Public assistance was granted for Hinds County.

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