Dog owner confronts Ridgeland groomer after Yorkie goes missing during service

Updated: Sep. 2, 2020 at 7:30 PM CDT
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RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - 3 year-old Princess the Yorkie has been missing since Tuesday.

“I don’t want no money. I just want my dog,” said her owner, Delisheia Townsend. She brought her to Dog Spot in Ridgeland to be pampered.

An hour later, groomer Jameako Jones called her.

“...He said ‘oh, I’m going to call the police’ and he hang up. So then I call him back and he’s like ‘the police on the way. The Yorkie is gone. She ran across the street,” said Townsend.

Jones said it happened when he came back from his lunch break. He opened the front door of the Dog Spot. That’s when Princess the Yorkie jumped out, went across County Line Road and went under a fence.

Jones said he apologized for what happened and admits Princess was loose on the grooming table.

“One of the guys forgot to leash the dog up. He was working on [Princess] so he must have forgot the leash her up,” he said; “we take full responsibility for our employee’s action.”

While interviewing with WLBT, Townsend and Jones started to arguing outside of the grooming business.

A Ridgeland Police officer stopped the argument but they were both still upset.

“She said we have lost dogs. I’ve never heard that before but she’s just content on saying that her dog is stolen. We didn’t steal her dog. He’s just one that got away this time,” said Jones.

“[People] were saying that he’s known for stealing dogs out of their places and several; people have reached out to me on Facebook saying that this same thing happened to them and he told them their dog ran away,” said Townsend.

Dog Spot has posted flyers asking for the public’s help to find Princess.

Townsend said she will continue the search and pursue a civil matter.

“I do want people to be aware of this place because of if you love your loved one, like I loved mine and don’t want to be in the situation I am, don’t take your dog there,” said Townsend.

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