Chadwick Boseman’s death motivates Gulfport colon cancer survivor to share his story

Gulfport colon cancer survivor's story could save your life

GULFPORT Miss. (WLOX) - A year ago, doctors diagnosed Rodney Pascley with colon cancer and he said he always noticed something wasn’t right. For about three months, he had drainage that wouldn’t stop.

“So I went to the doctor, he looked at it and said there’s something wrong with your squamous cell,” said Pascley. “So he said have you ever had a colonoscopy done?”

At the time, Pascley was only 39-years-old and wasn’t planning to get a colonoscopy until age 45, generally when it’s recommended according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. His doctor then performed the procedure along with a biopsy, and found cancer.

“The doctors sprang into action and immediately started chemotherapy and also radiation therapy,” said Pascley. “So I went through a very rigorous treatment.”

Sadden by the passing of Blank Panther star, Chadwick Boseman, Pascley knew he wanted to raise awareness about the importance of health checkups, especially in the Black community.

Pascley also said seeing a strong, athletic superhero resonated with him.

“We went out and supported the movie and now it’s time to go out and support and make sure we have our health regularly checked.” said Pascley.

Pascley is a one-year colon cancer survivor and said if you noticed any symptoms or changes in your daily life, don’t take it lightly and contact your doctor.

“If you’re having camping or if you’re having a bowel movement and you feel full after emptying out, then that is one of the symptoms as well.” said Pascley.

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