Tree falls on home and power lines down in Warren County neighborhood

Tree falls on home and power lines down in Warren County neighborhood

WARREN CO., Miss. (WLBT) - Downed power lines were the first sign of trouble for James Brooks when he returned home to Bradford Drive in Warren County Thursday.

“These trees can come down at any time with the right storm coming through,” said Brooks. And a large one came down right through his neighbor’s home.

“The guy lives by himself here,” Brooks described. “He said he was up the hill when he heard it. He didn’t actually see it. He heard it.”

The closer he looked, he noticed something.

“Right off my porch, I can look into it real easy and that’s hollow down there right at the root,” Brooks said. “Yeah, I worry about them. We’ve had limbs falling on us all day.”

But it’s not the first time something like this has happened. It happened in what’s now an empty lot of the other side of the Brooks’ family in 2018.

“It was huge and there was a trailer right there, about the size of that brown one and a little camper home or whatever,” Steven Newman pointed out. “Man, it demolished all their vehicles. Both the trailers.”

Several folks had generators running by the afternoon as they continued to wait for power to be restored. Steven Newman says he knew they’d be to the east of Laura’s track but didn’t expect to wake up to this.

“I watched it till probably 1 o’clock this morning,” said Newman. “You just can’t tell. I mean, it’s mother nature, you know? Does what it wants to do.”

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