29 cases of COVID-19 at East Central Middle School as outbreak grows

29 cases of COVID-19 at East Central Middle School as outbreak grows
(Source: WLOX)

JACKSON COUNTY, Miss. (WLOX) - The outbreak of COVID-19 at East Central Middle School continues to grow. Jackson County School District reporting on Tuesday that two additional students have tested positive for COVID-19.

In total, 29 students at East Central Middle School have tested positive, but most of the cases are isolated to the sixth grade. Jackson County School District Superintendent John Strycker said the sixth grade is divided into two teams, maroon and white.

“The sixth grade is one building at East Central. Maroon is one side and I believe it’s the white team is on the other side,” Strycker said. ”It was that maroon team that most every case came out of. It’s just very odd.”

Around 90 students are on the maroon team, and Strycker is encouraging parents of these students to keep their child at home if possible, but on Tuesday, around 30 students from the maroon team opted to be in the classroom.

“We of course, even with transportation, are looking at having bus routes just for those students, even though it will be empty buses with not many students,” Strycker said. “We still felt strongly that we wanted those parents to have the option to bring their children to school if they felt that was their only option at that point.”

Strycker said East Central Middle is increasing social distancing to try and isolate students from one another.

“It really is quarantining at school is what we’re doing. So you’re sending your child to school and we’re saying ok, you know this is the situation, we have an outbreak,” Strycker said. “So you can send your child to school, but it’s not business as usual at school. Your child will be quarantined from other students for safety reasons.”

The Jackson County School District is offering virtual learning for students who choose to opt out of the traditional classroom setting.

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