Holmes Community College opens with COVID-19 safety plan

Holmes Community College: Students return to campus with COVID-19 restrictions

RIDGELAND, Miss. (WLBT) - Local community colleges are returning to campus this week, with new protocols to keep students and staff safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Holmes Community College opened its campus for fall classes Monday.

Holmes Community College Ridgeland campus President Dr. Don Burnham said, “The kids have been really good about following protocols in the buildings and on the campus.”

Masks up. That’s the new rule for students at Holmes Community College in Ridgeland.

The campus has a new look this fall with hand sanitizing stations at every entrance.

Cones and ropes are in the hallways to promote social distancing.

Holmes Community College
Holmes Community College (Source: David Kenney)

Even plastic curtains are up for instructors to conduct class from behind, where they are allowed to take off their masks.

“We can’t control what happens off-campus but what we wanna do is make sure to the best of our ability they don’t get COVID-19 while they’re here in our buildings and on our campus,” said Dr. Burnham.

The campus has had one reported positive case and two close contact cases.

Those students are following CDC guidelines and must be cleared before returning to campus.

Many students we spoke with were eager to get back on campus.

Deja Sloan said, “I was tired of staying at home I was eager to see my teachers my mentors and everybody again so it’s been pretty good I noticed Holmes has taken a lot of precautions to make sure that we’re OK so I feel great about the school year.”

Sanitizing and cleaning of desks are done after each class, as well as door handles and common areas.

Students are being encouraged not to gather in large groups.

If students didn’t want to return to campus they are offering what they call synchronize instruction, online classes where they say enrollment has increased significantly this year.

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