Michigan Mom: Racial slur scrawled on toy shipped by Amazon

Michigan Mom: Racial Slur Scrawled On Toy Shipped By Amazon

TAYLOR, MI (WDIV/NBC News) - A Taylor, Michigan woman says she received an Amazon package for her daughter’s birthday that came with offensive language written on it.

Markia Davis is getting ready for her daughter’s first birthday and she’s received several gifts through Amazon the last few days, with more to come. 

However, Davis says a package she received Thursday with a “Cry Babies” doll inside had the word “Cry” replaced with the N-word.

“My heart started racing so fast instantly when I saw the word,” Davis says.

Davis, who used to work at Amazon’s distribution center in Romulus and recognized that the toy was packaged at that facility, says she called the company, which apologized and offered a $25 credit.

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