Jackson Prep shares in-person learning protocols

Jackson Prep shares in-person learning protocols

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Schools with in-person learning have put in extra safety precautions to ensure students and staff are safe.

At Jackson Prep they are adjusting to this unusual school year.

“It’s been outstanding to have the kids back on-campus. We started last week on Tuesday and there is just a joy and excitement. Frankly, we have been missing [them] for the past couple of months,” said Lawrence Coco, Head of the School.

The sound of students echoing again in classrooms throughout Jackson Prep. Many of them are back at school for in-person learning, but with lots of safety restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“We have all of our students wearing masks all the time when they’re inside of our buildings. We are washing hands in between each class. We’re spraying our desks down and we’re practicing social distancing. We are adhering to all the protocols that have been put in place by the CDC, the Mississippi Department of Health and by our local physicians.”

School officials say they are constantly cleaning and disinfecting the building.

 Also, students are required to carry around hand sanitizer and use it before the beginning of each class. They also have to do temperature checks through a special app daily. 

 “Our classes are a little bit shorter than usual to limit the times they are indoors. We have longer pass times to allow the students to go outside, enjoy some fresh air, and socially distance.”

Currently, Jackson Prep is educating  729 students, and 24 of them are learning remotely.

A new option the school is providing due to the pandemic.

 “Every one of our classrooms is setup to have on campus learning and remote students. We have a number of students because they have a family member that’s older or a health issue that if they want to do remote learning, we are happy to have them do that. Our teachers have been trained over this summer to do that. That is our priority every day, making sure students are safe and making sure they’re being educated.”

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