Let Mississippi Vote! holds press conference regarding proposed referendum on state flag

Let Mississippi Vote! to hold press conference regarding proposed referendum on state flag

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Let Mississippi Vote! is set to hold a press conference today at 2 o’clock regarding a proposed referendum on the state flag.

According to the organization, Let Mississippi Vote! is a grassroots group of statewide volunteers who are fighting to give voters the right to decide which flag represents Mississippi.

“This is about a process,” they write, “should the people decide or should the decision be left to politicians and lobbyists in Jackson?”

Nearly a month ago, the state retired its state flag bearing the Confederate battle emblem. Since then, a commission has been formed to pick a new flag and Friday the top 9 designs were selected.

The commission will select a design to submit to the governor and the legislature on September 2.

Let Mississippi Vote! also held a rally in Jackson over the weekend on the steps of the State Capitol with Senators Chris McDaniel and Joey Fillingane in attendance.

“I think we owe it to history to push back against a movement like that,” said McDaniel. “And ultimately, in my mind, it is not about a flag at all. This is about the people having a voice. Ultimately we will be pleased with whatever the people decide, it’s just to take the issue away from them causes more harm in the long run then it should.”

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