AARP Mississippi reminding political candidates that older voters matter

The state director says it's a tragic mistake to overlook older voters

AARP Mississippi reminding political candidates that older voters matter
The State Director of AARP Mississippi says older voters will cast ballots in the November election. (Source: AARP Mississippi)

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - AARP Mississippi is reminding political candidates not to take older voters for granted.

AARP is non-partisan. The group has started a campaign called Protect 50 Plus Voters. State Director Kimberly Campbell says if candidates want to win this election season, they must listen to Mississippi voters who are 50 and older.

She says candidates should give attention to the issues that matter to them.

Campbell said, “We always tell the candidates during election cycles that our base votes. Our base wants to hear from you. It is a tragic mistake for you to overlook the 50 and older, especially the 65 and older. That is your largest voting base that is going to come out and you’ve got to speak to the issues that concern them the most!”

She continued, saying, “caregiving, you know, takes on a very different lens now. I mean, thankfully people are living longer but that also means a 65-year-old is not just necessarily relaxing. A 65-year-old may still be raising grandchildren and taking care of the 95-year-old father. And so that’s a lot and those are a lot of the issues that this demographic deals with on a daily basis, and that’s why their voice has to be heard.”

Campbell says issues for older voters include education, protecting social security, medicaid expansion, healthcare and the rising cost of prescription drugs.

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