‘I was there to bury my son’; Mother speaks out on shootout during funeral

Mother speaks on funeral home shooting

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A funeral for a man who lost his life to gun violence in Jackson was interrupted with more gun violence, Saturday.

“I was there to bury my son who had got murdered,” said Shaneika Green.

Green said she arrived at Westhaven Memorial Funeral Home for her son Tramaine Green’s funeral services.

Soon after, her half brother Walter Hart Jr. showed up.

Green admits Hart Jr. and her son did not get along.

“He didn’t like my son and my son didn’t like him so him being there was a sign of disrespectful. And if that’s one thing I had said... If they didn’t like my son or -- I didn’t want that at my son’s service,” said Green.

So Green said she asked him to leave and that’s when the problems started.

“I just politely asked him. Could you please leave and to give me my son’s obituary. So wasn’t no words exchanged or anything. He just -- we tussling over the obituary. He just did that final tug, push me and walk past me,” said Green. “And he just went out there in the parking lot. He not saying anything at this point and next thing we know he took out his gun and he starts shooting,” she said.

“I’m sorry for my family because he’s like this is another tragic that I have to deal with,” said Green.

Shaneika Green said she waited 2 weeks to bury her 26-year-old son Tramaine Green.

On July 17th, he was found shot dead near Freemont Street and Belvedere Drive.

“...I have given the police pictures and videos of the guys and the only thing they tell me is that they have to have a first and last name,” said Green.

Green believes Hart Jr. had nothing to do with that case.

Jackson Police say they are still looking for the suspects who shot Hart Jr.

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