Pelahatchie creates ‘maskup’ awareness video

Town trying to slow the spread of coronavirus

Town creates mask awareness video

PELAHATCHIE, Miss. (WLBT) - Familiar faces are encouraging people to be responsible and wear a mask in public.

Teachers, business owners, police officers and neighbors are spreading a message and not the coronavirus in Pelahatchie. The mayor decided to create a video for the town as an extension of the safety guidelines already in place.

“If wearing a mask will help contribute or slow down the spread then why not,” said Mayor Ryshonda Beechem.

Some of the COVID-19 deaths in Rankin County are Pelathatchie residents. The mayor said being a small town means the virus could quickly spread.

“It could be deadly for the whole community. We have to be mindful of our residents as well as our workers,” said Beechem.

The mayor’s daughter and other children are in the campaign video. The mayor wanted all ages involved, because there are cases of the virus among the young as well.

Beechem said, ”I know they say only this age could get it if you have a low immune system, but people these days don’t know what they have, because people don’t go to the doctor like they should. How would you know what you have if you don’t have health insurance to go to the doctor or you’re not going on a regular basis.”

In addition to the video, the mayor has passed out 1,000 masks to neighbors and reminding people that masks protects you and others.

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