Starting Aug 1st, parents of kids driving golf carts could face penalties of $250+ in Madison

Starting Aug 1st, parents of kids riding golf carts could face penalties of $250+ in Madison

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The Madison County Sheriff’s Department continues with their plans to crack down on underage golf cart drivers.

Sheriff Randy Tucker says in recent weeks the kids on carts have become a danger to themselves and others on the road.

This week Sheriff Randy Tucker met with the Madison County Property Owners Association to find a solution to the kids on golf cart problem. Their solution is stiff penalties.

Starting August 1st, deputies will start issuing citations to the child’s parents for any underage child driving a golf cart on public streets. They will also issue citations to anyone operating a golf cart in an unsafe manner.

Adults will still be able to use the golf carts as long as they are following traffic laws and are taking all safety precautions. Sheriff Tucker says his number one concern is residents safety.

If someone is issued a citation it will be handled in Madison County Justice Court. The fines range from $250 and up.

If the situation does not improve, the sheriff says he will take further steps to keep kids in carts out of the streets.

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