MEA clinics work on appointment logistics

MEA Clinics work on appointment logistics

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - With large numbers of people still coming down with coronavirus, doctors have to make logistical changes to keep patients from cross-contaminating each other.

Dr. Bill Grantham says Mississippians need to listen to protective guidelines consistently given by doctors and state officials. He says it's about looking out for the people around you.

"We all have a responsibility to one another."

As the Medical Director at the Clinton MEA Primary Care plus, Grantham says one top priority is making sure that patients who come in and out of his clinic don't spread germs to each other.

“We don’t like to have someone with a suspected or clear COVID illness coming in or mixing with our chronically ill patients. We certainly know that over the age of 50 and people with chronic significant medical conditions are much more at risk for bad outcomes from Covid-19.”

So how do they keep that from happening? It starts with the patient. Grantham says if you’re going to an MEA clinic for a visit, please call first. That way, they can accommodate your needs. Some patients will need to be sent to acute respiratory clinics where they can have their symptoms treated more accurately.

“For those patients that have chronic illnesses or other problems going on and are not suspicious that they’ve had significant exposure or acute COVID-19 infection, we want them to go to the nearest facility where they can move from their car and go directly to an exam room where they can be evaluated.”

Appointment times and testing and evaluation sites vary depending on the MEA location.

Grantham says that’s another reason calling ahead is an important step. He also encourages people to wear proper PPE.

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