Jackson woman’s fatal last minutes streamed to Facebook

Woman hit and killed in I55

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Jackson woman’s tragic death, captured on social media for the world to see.

It happened Tuesday night on I-55 south near Briarwood.

26 year old Ashlee Sims has been identified as the woman killed.

Her Facebook post showed it appeared she was having a good night.

She was singing and dancing, steaming her activities to Facebook when her phone flew out of the car she was riding in. Minutes later she was hit and killed.

Jackson police say Ashlee Sims was out of her car looking for her lost phone when she was struck and killed by a passing car.

We showed her last steam to Facebook to an accident re-constructionists, who described how he suspects the accident happened.

Tim Corbitt said, “You can hear on the recording that the phone landed in a live traffic lane. You can hear the phone get hit by a couple cars. So that means the pedestrian is going to have to go out into a live traffic lane, which is extremely dangerous.”

The stretch of interstate is very dark at night.

Any motorist likely wouldn’t see her.

Corbitt says a motorists reaction time to a person or thing in the road is less than five seconds.

Take into account distractions like cell phones, compounded by darkness, and that reaction time is reduced even more.

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