Home invasion suspect on the run from Rankin County authorities

Home invasion suspect wanted

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Rankin County officials are on the lookout for an 18-year-old suspect who allegedly pistol-whipped a juvenile in a home invasion. But residents say the neighborhood the victim and the suspect both live in is usually a friendly one.

“Pretty quiet, I mean this street, Shenandoah is pretty busy because it’s the main road into the neighborhood,” said one neighbor. “But mostly it’s pretty quiet,and we all look out for each other and we all have kids that live in the neighborhood and play around with each other, so we kind of take care of each other.”

That neighbor didn’t want to be shown on camera, nor did any number of other neighbors of Joe Christian Brown, 18, who is accused in the home invasion overnight.

“Almost midnight last night an individual called in to say that three individuals had broken into his house, come in the front door, they were looking for another individual,” said Rankin County Sheriff’s Department Legal Counsel Paul Holley.

When the victim couldn’t provide a location for that person, Brown and two accomplices, aged 14 and 15, allegedly beat the victim with a gun and took his money before running off when an adult came to check on the commotion.

The two juvenile suspects have been arrested. Brown, who is known by the Sheriff’s Department from previous incidents, told deputies this afternoon that he was going to turn himself in at the sheriff’s department tonight. The time came and went.

“Mr. Brown is still at large at this time,” Holley said.

It’s the second case this week in which teens have been arrested and charged in violent crimes in Rankin County. Cody Daniel Herrington, 18, and a 17-year-old juvenile, were charged with aggravated assault after a driveby shooting in Florence on Monday.

“They don’t look forward to what this could do to you 20 years from now,” Holley said. “They don’t think about the fact that when you carry a firearm into a violent situation like this, you’re not going to be charged as a juvenile.”

Back on Shenandoah, just half a mile from Live Oak Lane where the home invasion took place, residents are placing their faith in certain other neighbors to keep the peace. There are multiple law enforcement officers who live in the area.

“The Rankin County Deputy pretty much keeps it pretty quiet around here and keeps it pretty safe, so yeah, I was shocked when I heard there had been a home invasion,” said a neighbor.

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