Parents react to school re-entry recommendations made by Mississippi physicians

Parents react to new guidelines from MSMA and MSAAP

The release suggested guidelines for re-opening schools in the fall.

“I strongly agree that my child shouldn’t be going back up into that disastrous area and I feel for the teachers also,” said Rosalyn Reed who lives in Magnolia.

As a mother and preschool teacher, she believes it’s not the right time for kids to go back to school in a traditional setting.

“It’s hard enough to get them to do things that they don’t want to do already and wearing a mask is certainly one. Being that they don’t understand that this is -- that COVID is here,” said Reed.

Physicians with the MSAAP and MSMA support delaying school re-entry until September.

They also want to push for masks to be worn by everyone in schools and support virtual learning options for all students without medical justification.

Jerri Kennedy from Jackson said she will keep her kids at home learning as long as she can.

“Virtual I think is the best choice for my kids, but I also think that it’s the best choice for all kids. I have to be very cautious of who comes around me. I do have a respiratory illness and I’m very sick. I wouldn’t survive [the coronavirus] and I just know I wouldn’t because I can barely breathe on a regular day,” said Kennedy.

“We have to deal with teachers’ sensitivity,” said Reed; “that means like I would no longer be able to wipe a child’s nose. I can’t tie their shoes. I can’t hold them when they need a hug. Do you know how hard it’s going to be and we need ---all children need love and that’s the main thing. How would you be able to show this love and do your job? It’s not possible.”

Schools have until July 31st to announce their final reopening plans.

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