Jackson residents on Harvey Dr. still begging for running water after 3 weeks without

Harvey Drive residents go weeks without running water

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Pleas for help have turned to disgust and disappointment for Jackson families without running water since early July.

Water line pressure problems and a failed pump at the TV Road well have left Harvey Drive residents feeling helpless and ignored.

We revisit one family who wants water restored and permanent repairs.

“I went and got this yesterday. Look at this. Water in a cooler to flush the toilet,” said Harvey Ford Jr. while opening three large coolers on a trailer parked in front of his parents’ home.

Ford said he’s traveled to check on his ailing parents at their Harvey Drive home for three weeks, and they’ve had no running water.

We first met the Fords July 3rd when we spoke to his brother Michael about the water problem.

“This is the third time I’ve been back since then and everything is still the same. No changes,” said Henry Ford Jr. “My parents still no water, my aunts and uncle, still no water and it’s just ridiculous. You know you come here and not be able to stay with my parents. My parents are terminally ill. They’re elderly people.”

The 55 year old is especially frustrated because he now lives in Lafayette Louisiana. He and the family are doing all they can to make their parents comfortable.

“I can’t sit here with my parents because they don’t have running water and this is ridiculous,” said Ford. “Where’s the leadership in Jackson? Does anybody care? I went to the well site, and I went by the tank. No ones working.”

According to Interim Public Works Director Dr. Charles Williams, there was a power failure at the TV Road well Saturday. It was temporarily off line until Sunday, and power was restored. He said the Maddox Road tank is slowly gaining water allowing pressure to increase within the water distribution lines.

That is little consolation for the Fords.

"This is pain and suffering going on right here and somebody needs to do something and it seems like no one cares. Nobody's been out to talk, nothing," said Ford.

Williams said Public Works employees will check pressure along the Maddox Road area, including Harvey Drive.

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