At least 3 Mississippi officers have been lost to CoViD-19, highlighting worries for first responders

Miss. has lost at least 3 officers to COVID

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - “And one day he was telling me he played with Dan Marino with the Dolphins…”

Edwards Police Chief Terence Crump remembers Sgt. Kelvin Dewayne Mixon as a jokester, and a good friend.

“Losing Mixon is going to leave an empty spot in this department for years to come,” Crump said.

Mixon died of coronavirus on July 2 after contracting it on the job.

Crump says the veteran officer made a positive impact on everyone he knew, being much beloved both by his department and his community. Currently there’s a GoFundMe page trying to pull together enough money to put a memorial bench in the public square.

Lincoln County knows the same pain. Jailer Marshall “Bem” London died in May, and was diagnosed after death.

His brother in law is Chief Deputy Johnny Hall. Hall says his favorite memory was how much London loved and asked about his car.

”I said, ‘Bem you can get in the car any time you want to.’ A weekend would pass and he’d say, ‘You gonna give me the car?’ and I’d say, ‘All you’ve got to do is come get the car. The keys, they’re waiting on you.’”

London, who had taken in his sister’s two children when she was killed in 2015, didn’t end up taking the car for a spin after all.

“No, he never did.... He never did,” Hall said, laughing through his tears.

Hall says London left a void on many levels.

“He was a hell of a guy, you know. Great father, great grandpa, he was just a good guy,” Hall said. “And I miss him.”

Pike County lost the years and experience, but more importantly the heart of Capt. Glenn Allen Green, loved for his blunt speech, his dedication, and his leadership. Sheriff James Brumfield had worked with him before, and had asked him to come back if Brumfield was elected.

Green said he’d give him at least a year, but he wasn’t able to keep his promise.

People of all walks of life in Pike County remember Green as a leader.

“Surely he impacted my life, of course like I said I was a young deputy. I’d worked 2 ½ - 3 years with the sheriff’s office then and I looked up to him,” Brumfield said.

The departments have all pushed for full line of duty honors for their fallen, and all three are listed on the Officer Down Memorial Page.

“It was in the line of duty what he was exposed to and what he was doing, to help protect others,” said Brumfield. “And he gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

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