Potholes and Sewage Leaks: Widespread issues await Jackson’s new public works director

‘I just need help’: Widespread sewage and pothole issues await new Jackson public works director

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Infrastructure problems mount daily for Jackson’s incoming Public Works Director. Hundreds of complaints about sewage leaks and road problems await them.

Jackson residents want solutions before they take the reigns. Joann Walker lives on Bounds Street and is one of the many frustrated taxpayers dealing with sewage issues.

"I just need help," said Walker.

The 62 year old retired state employee said waste has been seeping from a leak between two of her neighbors’ homes for six months and no one is taking responsibility.

“It smells. We know it’s sewage and I have a disabled child that’s inside and I have to keep him inside,” said Walker.

Neighbor Stanley Turner said the street floods and sewage often backs into his home.

“We just want the city just to do their job and just come out and help us people around here,” said Turner. “Every time it rains, it doesn’t even have to be a heavy rain, just come out and help us because it’s costing us money to get these things repaired.”

One homeowner in the 300 block of Bounds Street where the leak is reportedly located did not give her name or want to comment on camera. She said she noticed the smell but did not know about a leak.

Near downtown, Rio Apartments owner Sandra Taylor wants the city to repair gaping potholes on Rio Street and Spengler Street. The Jackson property owner said the road problems are dangerous.

“If you look at the potholes as deep as they are, if you’re not used to it or you come down here during the night you’re gonna tear your car up,” said Taylor. “It’s really difficult for traffic to go back and forth.”

We reached out to the city for comment and are awaiting information on repairs.

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