Pearl Public School District addresses reopening questions from parents at board meeting

Pearl School District answers questions on reopening

PEARL, Miss. (WLBT) - The Pearl Public School District Board fielded all kinds of questions from concerned parents at Monday’s meeting, from how they will maintain social distancing during recess to how they’ll change classes.

“They had questions obviously about what the start of the year would be like, and hopefully we answered those to the best of our ability,” said Superintendent Ray Morgigno.

The superintendent says the social distancing issue is being covered in several ways. They include decluttering classrooms to make more room and adding sections to keep classrooms under 20 students. In addition, he said, teachers will give up a planning period to further stretch out the class sizes.

”We look at the data quite often and you know, spend a lot of time and effort trying to look at our movement plans in the building and do everything we can to mitigate. We want our kids safe,” he said.

Different grades will change classes at different times, cutting crowds in the halls by around 30 percent, officials said.

Some of the parents weren’t happy with some answers. One involved how the district will not provide nasal swab testing for students and teachers -- school board members said it was a personal responsibility for teachers and parents.

“So screw the teachers then, is basically what you’re saying,” an angry parent said, to which Morgigno replied, “No, that’s not what we’re saying.”

Morgigno says that as both the superintendent and the parent of a Pearl School District Student, he understands the need for people to address their fears.

“If they have questions we’re going to try to provide answers and we don’t always agree on everything, but that’s fine, but we always work together. And that’s our strength,” he said of the school district.

Anyone with questions who could not attend the meeting is encouraged to reach out to their child's principal or to the school district.

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