Should you return to the doctor’s office during COVID-19 resurgence?

Should you return to the doctor’s office during COVID-19 resurgence?

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - In late May the Mississippi State Medical Association and the Mississippi Hospital Association urged us to return to regular doctor visits.

But with the recent uptick in COVID-19 cases, should we reschedule those postponed appointments?

The head of the state medical association weighs in with the answer.

"It's OK to call your physician and ask what they would like for you to do to seek care," said Dr. Jennifer Bryan.

The 17 year physician is chair of the Mississippi State Medical Association.

Bryan spoke about safely returning to doctors offices before the Memorial Day weekend.

Now COVID-19 has made a resurgence filling hospitals and postponing elective surgeries in some counties.

"Should they go in person? Absolutely when it's indicated it is still reasonable and may time preferred to be seen in person. It depends on what's going on," said Bryan.

Doctors still stress wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing to fight the spread.

The family medicine physician said the virus has only been around for seven months, and people are not taking it seriously enough.

“It’s much more than a respiratory illness. It is a coagulopathy,” said the physician. “We see people having strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure, autoimmune issues. The chronic fatigue after infection is a real concern”.

According to medical experts, the recent increase in cases is also impacting physicians and health care professionals.

"We're hearing words like overwhelmed," said Bryan. "Our doctors are doing the best they can, and their plea is please wear masks".

The Mississippi State Medical Association has just launched the Mississippi Telehealth Network to offer patients continued access to medical care.

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