Back to school? Jackson grandmother concerned with potential reopening plans for fear of COVID-19

Parents fear public school reopening plans

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Students in the Jackson Public School District are set to head back to class August 10.

The reopening plans are still pending but Vanessa Hinds doesn’t want to send her grand-kids back; she’s fearful of the coronavirus.

“[Coronavirus] is a serious thing and I don’t want them going to school and catching it from another child and then bringing it home and stuff. All of us are going to be sick then. If something happens to me they’re not going to have anyone,” said Hinds.

The Jackson Public School district is made up of almost 24,000 students. Hinds believes hygiene and cleanliness during this pandemic could be an issue.

“The kids are not gonna wear the mask like they tell them to wear them... It’s going to be a problem right there with them with the mask. You know they’re not going to keep them on and the germs are still spreading,” she said.

The JPS website says they are creating virtual and hybrid options.

Hinds is not sure if she'll be able to take advantage the options because she lacks the technology at her home.

She said her grandchildren have been using workbooks and apps on a cell phone to stay engaged.

“They need me. And I will keep them at home, But I do think we need to get some tablets and stuff for the kids. And so some of us don’t have tablets and some of us can’t afford tablets,” said Hinds.

The final plan for JPS is set to be released on or before Friday of this week.

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