Former gov. candidate ‘openly defying’ new mask mandate, says Reeves is acting ‘like a dictator’

Updated: Jul. 10, 2020 at 4:36 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A former candidate for Mississippi governor is saying that he won’t abide by Gov. Reeves’ new mask mandate or social distancing order and is calling for others to do the same.

In a long Facebook post that he warned would “really upset and even anger some people,” Robert Foster wrote “enough is enough.”

Foster, who ran for governor in 2019 and represented District 28 until January of this year, said that in the past few weeks he has seen “Communist Democrats” protesting and rioting, cities burned and churches closed.

“Those of us still standing are struggling to survive under the relentless and crushing restrictions still being imposed upon us,” said Foster. “So, this isn’t about a mask mandate, this is about Control.”

He then claimed Gov. Reeves is acting “like a dictator” for implementing the mask mandate, which tightens restrictions in 13 counties with significant spikes in coronavirus cases, and did not like the fact that Reeves threatened stricter measures if the numbers continued to rise.

“I feel led to remind you that we don’t work for you, or answer to you,” Foster said of Reeves. “You are not our ruler and you are not a Dictator. I for one am not going to let you threaten and treat honest hard working tax paying citizens so disrespectfully, without any push back. You work for us and we need to remind you of that.”

Foster said there is nothing the government can do to stop the coronavirus and that it will continue to spread until “we reach herd immunity.” He also said the virus cannot be stopped by a mask and that “anyone telling you different is full of it... life must go on.”

He continued the post, adding that he has not worn a mask at his business and has not required those at his business to wear a mask either. He said if they choose to wear a mask, then they may do so.

“But, this guilt trip nonsense claiming that if we don’t all comply with masks that we will cause people to get sick and die, is ludicrous,” he said. “If people don’t like how I’m running my business, or think it’s not safe, they don’t have to come support my business. If my employees don’t like it, or don’t feel safe, they can quit. That’s how free markets work.”

Foster then revealed he is “openly defying” the public mask mandate and social distancing executive orders. “Now, what are you going to do about it?” he asked the governor. “I would like to see you come up here and try and make me wear a mask!”

He ended the post saying it was time “to take a stand” and that “we have given too much for way too long.” Foster then called for Mississippians to be “civilly disobedient.”

“I’m calling for you to defy these unlawful Liberty infringing and financially crushing small business mandates. What’s it going to be Mississippi, Liberty or Tyranny?”

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