DIY projects gaining popularity during the pandemic

Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 11:29 PM CDT
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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Some people staying at home are taking on new projects and hobbies, causing hardware and fabric stores to see a boost in sales.

Alice Setter has been sewing for years in Jackson. Her shop Continental Sewing Center is booming with business.

She said the public has rediscovered the art of sewing, saying, “What people are doing is looking for fabric and elastic and other supplies that go along with making fabric mask.”

“I have sold a good number of sewing machines that we would normally not sell because people are interested in sewing again,” said Setter.

At least 20 sewing machines come in to be repaired weekly, a steady trend since the rise of the pandemic.

Fabric and thread have become a part of several DIY or do-it-yourself projects. And there are projects gaining popularity.

“People have been taking this opportunity to do some home renovation since we have taken on the Benjamin Moore line,” said Paxton Rooks, store manager of Revell Ace Hardware in Jackson.

Taking the opportunity to clean out, you know, storage sheds and rooms that have needed some touch-up painting or perhaps a fresh color.”

Rooks says the customer base at Revell Ace Hardware has seen a shift.

“We’ve seen a lots of new faces. I think that people took this opportunity to kind of step out on a limb and see what they could do,” he said.

Rooks said planting tools and outdoor equipment have been selling too. Even when things go back to normal, Rooks believes the momentum for DIY projects will stay.

“Once you’ve done it once, you know, it gives you that boost of confidence that you can take on many other things,” he said.

“It’ll be interesting to see once this period is over how many people actually continue to find this a hobby and/or turn it into a business,” said Setter.

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